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Through the Sontaran two-parter...

I'm totally on board with Rose saying "Donna" in the quick viewscreen clip we get of her (as I've seen around the internet -- most notably in a current conversation on [ profile] hollywoodgrrl's LJ; see also [ profile] twentyfivepast).

I just have this suspicion, this prediction that Rusty's setting Rose up to be the 11th Doctor. (Something about...her persona seeping through to this universe non-corporeally, and then getting to be corporeal when Ten regenerates...? I haven't worked out the physics yet. *g*)

Actually, I had genuine lump-in-the-throat terror when the Doctor went up with his nuke to give the Sontarans a second change; I was fully prepared for him to die up there and regenerate as Rose right now. I thought, "spoilers have told us we'll have Rose, Martha, Donna and Jack all together this season -- but nobody mentioned, specifically, Ten being around when it happens!"

Still, whew.

But what happens above is that Donna shouts for the Doctor in the viewscreen, and ROSE reports back, saying "Donna!" In response to Donna's call for the Doctor. So. You see.

As for the something on Donna's back -- I think the theory that it's Rose is totally viable (esp if I'm off base with this 11th Doctor business) -- but I have this suspicion that Donna's "Bad Wolf" clues this season actually have something significant to do with Grandpa Wilf. I think he's the Bad Wolf of this season, somehow, somewhen.

We also got another clue in the Ood ep, but I've forgotten what it was; I'll go back and check. But just like the Atmos labels were telegraphed from ep one (look at the cars; they've got Atmos stickers in the windows), we're very clearly telegraphing something else, to come, and there was another clue along those lines in the Ood ep that I'll go look for.

While we're at it, part 1: Martha took the engagement ring OFF THE CLONE. Are we to believe the clone was the real Martha? Or that the clone was the one engaged to Tom? I think this one we have walking around now, engaged, wearing the ring, leaving the Sontarans is NOT MARTHA. But I think it'll take some Captain Jack and Torchwood before we actually get a reveal on this one.

While we're at it, part 2: I'm choosing not to care about the Mary Sueitude of the Pretty Blonde Daughter. I mean, he was a dad once. Why not now?

(And then my totally wild unlikely speculation comes where Rose is the 11th Doctor and this is HER daughter... Heh.)

I do like the speculation that's circulating (not mine) that it's some Doctor/Master offspring, or some Doctor/Master/Fingernail of the Rani offspring...?

Anyway. Donna clues. Something on her back. Wilf. Rose as the 11th Doctor. More to come. Feel free to speculate wildly in comments too.
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