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In the latest Fandom Steel Cage Match round: I'm forced to choose between Josh Lyman and Greg House.

JOSH LYMAN AND GREG HOUSE! Followers of Eating Hard Candy Alone and the career of one Sab will see just how painful and impossible this choice is! They are both alteregos of mine! They are both brilliant men full of angst and self loathing! They are both supported by their young turk buttoned up partners! I wrote a five-story collection character study of Josh Lyman! I am in the middle of a hurt/comfort self-hating suicide-attempt rationalizing embarrassingly emo fic about House because I need to exorcise my complicated feelings and affinity for him!

SO, please help? Please? Fandom Steel Cage Match = SRS BIZNESS.

[Poll #1362230]

ETA: Less abstaining! More helping! ETA 2: ET TU, LUNA? *shakes fist*

ETA 3: There are some VERY good arguments being made in the comments. On both sides. I now want to host a town hall style debate. Oh, wait. I guess I AM hosting a town hall style debate. How about that?

And as I told the cruel and unusual [ profile] winter_baby, I might have to write an XO now, costarring Sam and Wilson who team up to try and protect Josh and House from themselves!

Anyway, I only have till one tomorrow afternoon NY time. Again, SRS BIZNESS, people. And while I'm at it, go continue to vote for the Tenth Doctor over that horrible Alec from DA? And come struggle with the rest of us on Liz Lemon vs. Sheldon Cooper. I voted for Liz but that is ONLY because I know more about Tina Fey than I do about Jim Parsons. I will repeat, though, that if you don't sing along loud to the Big Bang Theory theme and let it fill you with WE BUILT A WALL WE BUILT THE PYRAMIDS! then you are dead inside. Dead. Inside.
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