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So, because [ profile] ciderpress is the girl so nice we wish we could friend her twice, (no, really! We do!) and because she made me such fantastic icons, I wrote her a HIMYM drabble which bloated all the way up to 350 words. And then I grabbed Punk and commandeered her to write Psych, which I don't watch but which I clearly, upon learning about these characters, should.

In Canada, The Retailers Call Them "Igars" To Get Around The Law
HIMYM, Barney/Robin, 350 words, by Sab

rolled on the warm brown thighs of gorgeous naked women )

And also we've got Desk Job
Psych, Shawn/Gus friendship, 350 words, by Punk

(Desk Job)

Thank you, Anna, for being so very very cool and a pleasure to know! Also thank you Punk! Who served her country above and beyond the call of duty.

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While I was busy being completely distracted by David Tennant Doctor Who S4, I forgot to rec two very important things!

[ profile] svilleficrecs wrote what everyone needs and wants, namely, 6,200 words of Barney/Robin HIMYM awesomeness. Read 'A' Game. It's spot on Barney pov, all cocky and frustrated and confused and spins off from just where we left them, round about "The Goat." Which leads me to wonder (as I'm in a clues state of mind) if perhaps BARNEY will also be living in Ted's apt come his next birthday when we've learned Robin's living there? Um, regardless, read this fic. It's friggin awesome.

Elsewhere, the gorgeous [ profile] wihluta recorded a [podfic] of my Jack/Hand story, "I really can't stay." She gives great voice to both the Hand and Ianto, and I was really blown away by the beautiful reading of my fic. Go! Listen! Feedback!
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I am also rendered nearly speechless by tonight's HIMYM. How the hell are able to cram THAT MUCH AWESOME into twenty-two minutes?


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