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I'm going through a minor league XF renaissance, which mostly means I'm watching it very quietly for the first time in years, for the first time since I started hating Chris Carter and how he totally fucked us like cheap whores. But recently I watched all of Supernatural by accident, and somehow just enjoyed it as a show about paranormal stuff, without really caring about the boys or the emotional arc or the drama. And I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a show with paranormal stuff, but starring a hot heterosexual couple who fight hard with each other but love each other till the very end?

So you see what happened there. Out of respect for an earlier time, when I loved the X-Files with a fiery passion, and in honor of this current rewatching where I'm not only enjoying the simple pleasures of Mulder and Scully and the show but I'm also remembering a simpler time (there's seriously a line in 1998's "Triangle" where Mulder insists to the WWII era officers that the should come to '98, the world's at peace, the only drama is Monica Lewinsky! and I experienced pre-syncope just remembering what that felt like [yes, now in a more enlightened time I realize we were all managing to ignore atrocities in Africa and elsewhere in the early 90s]).

Enjoy, if you're interested, the newly archived, found via the wayback machine, very first X-Files story I ever wrote. I wasn't even in the fandom, I just sat down and wrote an X-Files story and then went to the internet to find where people were posting those things. As I said, a simpler time.

(Rain, and the Mistaken Messiah [MSR, 10k words, rated R, old-school to the nth degree])

I'm going to stop watching at the beginning of season 7 so as not to harsh my renewed squee. I mean, right?
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