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Most of the fic I produced this year came out of burning my Yuletide at both ends. Which shows to go ya that even in the driest of years, Yuletide season and Remix season will get fic outta me. (And yes, Vic, I'm counting the days...)

That said; here's 2006's flyleaf copyright page, aka, what Sab wrote in ought-six.

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the official (thrice-delayed) launching of the [ profile] sitcomathon, 2006! 35 stories in 17 fandoms, alternately hilarious, hot, angsty, sexy, brilliant and moving.

[The Sitcomathon Master List]

*thank the person who wrote for you!
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*don't forget to put out the cat!
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title: The Secret of Management
author: Sabine
category: Arrested Development/Newsradio, Michael/Lisa, GOB/Beth
rating: F for Friendly
size: 3281 words
notes: For [ profile] autumn_grunge, as part of the [ profile] sitcomathon 2006. These were two separate requests that decided to be in the same story. Prompt: Aztec Tomb.
disclaimer: Not mine, no money changes hands, see how the hand never leaves the wrist!
summary: Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, got most of it back via questionable means, and were advised to liquidate as quickly as possible.
acknowledgements: Big giant ups to all the [ profile] sitcomathon participants, and [ profile] kyrafic the sublime.

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