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Dec. 22nd, 2006 04:51 pm
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Hey, it's the solstice, also apparently Global Orgasm Day -- so do your part!

And in fact, if there are, um. Particular pieces of fanfiction that you find help produce powerful and exciting Os, post links to them here. What's your favorite go-to self-love fantasy fic?

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From, something about the L-Word promoting a fanfiction contest? Either way, the article looks interesting, and has been bookmarked for, *sigh.*

I'm writing, I'm writing!
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I'm just being a clearinghouse, for a moment, mostly so I only have one LJ link to Memory. Anyway, here's some stuff from the world:

[open-minded Jews in Portland who aren't gay]
[What, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire!]
[Gay mittens]
[B5 ficathon, um, super-gay]
[device of the future! maybe fantastic! In a sort of post-apocalyptic Big Brotheresque way. Or, maybe gay.]

That being said, I have another question. To the righties on my Trusted list, or, rather, the Righties whose opinions I trust:

Do you -- or any conservative-types in fandom you know -- have you, hm. The question is, do you know anyone who's comfortable with slash, writing it/reading it, while not comfortable with homosexuality as a practice in her real life? Someone who could write about Duncan and Methos getting it on, but who'd be squicked if she learned she had a gay friend?

Additionally -- how does this hold over for gay marriage? [ profile] pene enlightened me on the subject once when, in her more Christian days (G, *g*), she commented that she "believed in" homosexuals ('cause, duh, there they are), but she didn't support pre-marital sex, THEREFORE, the option left to her was to support gay marriage.

Of course, this was before the big gay agenda, perpetuated by the liberal media elite, swept G off her feet with the use of porn and evil temptresses and, um, whiskey, probably, and made G supergay in that insidious way we have of taking otherwise innocent people and gayifying them while they're not looking. Poor unsuspecting [ profile] pene. *g*

Anyway. I'm wondering how that holds over for conservatives not of the religious bent, wondering -- first, if there IS a set of slash writers who are uncomfortable with homosexuality in the "real world" but not in fiction, then -- why that is, exactly. And just, in general, wondering what people think. Responses from all sides welcomed, please and thank you.


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