Feb. 8th, 2009

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I'm pretty sure my cat's name is Lauren.

Not Hawkeye; he's still Hawkeye and furry and trucking along for 11 years now.

No, this is the kitten that Julie and I adopted a year ago, known as "the kitten" who was christened "Houlihan" to go with Hawkeye but who promptly (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] projectjulie and LJ user me) became known as Hula Hoop. Or "The Hoop," to me, and "Hula" to others (I never cared for that nickname). So then there was the Hawk and the Hoop, and that was nice when they were on the stoop, or had to poop, but at other non-rhyming times, it became taxing.

And then today she said, "hi, I'm Lauren."

Anyway, Hawkeye and Lauren and I bid you a good night.

And Lauren has to be one of the most ridiculous names for a cat I have ever heard. But it all of a sudden became CLEAR AS DAY.

ETA Now she's staring at me like *I'm* crazy. Yes! What! Lauren! Get over it! She looks especially like a Lauren when she's sleeping near my ear, which is where she was when she decided to climb down and stare. What! You've got food! Hawkeye loves you! That's it, Lauren. There there now. Purr.
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Last night's time trial in sleep medications has proven as follows: Lunesta is indeed the one with the horrible, frightening aftertaste that corrupts any food or drink you try to follow it with and makes water taste like battery acid; I'd tried it years ago and only tried again in case the first experience had had some other tasty cause. Apparently certain folks have an enzyme that interacts with Lunesta and some don't -- I suspect it might be a good sleep aid but someone willing to try it more than once has to do that audition. Still, I think it beats Sonata, where if you don't fall asleep within about two hours it rebounds and you're wide awake. Ambien DOES work for me (though apparently less so when piled on several other meds as last night) but I have to ration because I only have four. *g* The Ativan was just to make me stop freaking out, and is rationed over the course of a sleepless night at about .5mg every two hours. That's the good stuff, baby.

In herbal news, taking 2 or 3 Valerian (also with a stinky aftertaste, but nothing like Lunesta-levels) adds a good punch to anything and tonight I'm going to try a single sleep drug combined with Valerian to see how it plays out. Last night, ultimately, I think it was the melatonin that did it.

And now, to put to bed an issue that was perking in my Ambienated mind last night, a poll:

[Poll #1346042]


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