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While I was busy being completely distracted by David Tennant Doctor Who S4, I forgot to rec two very important things!

[ profile] svilleficrecs wrote what everyone needs and wants, namely, 6,200 words of Barney/Robin HIMYM awesomeness. Read 'A' Game. It's spot on Barney pov, all cocky and frustrated and confused and spins off from just where we left them, round about "The Goat." Which leads me to wonder (as I'm in a clues state of mind) if perhaps BARNEY will also be living in Ted's apt come his next birthday when we've learned Robin's living there? Um, regardless, read this fic. It's friggin awesome.

Elsewhere, the gorgeous [ profile] wihluta recorded a [podfic] of my Jack/Hand story, "I really can't stay." She gives great voice to both the Hand and Ianto, and I was really blown away by the beautiful reading of my fic. Go! Listen! Feedback!
sab: (Default) I make my way through the 50 or so I have bookmarked to read:

I Am Become (Death), a B5 remix, answers, among other things, a question I've had for years. What WAS it like for Lyta to awaken the sleeper personality in Talia, this woman she had known back in psy school, with whom she had been "close, for a time." And then it takes me exactly where I wanted to go next, that post-series Lyta and G'Kar off to explore the universe; and of course a lot of that is formed by the loss of Talia, of Bester, of Lyta's links to the Corps. There's a sentence in there that made me gasp, that made me say "of course!" while also being so incredibly impressed that the author managed to pull it off, and that it had never once occurred to me before.

Ouroboros (Points in Time and Space Mix), a gentle XF AU that takes the absolute simplest change and makes it terrifying. Growing up I was obsessed with Richard Bach's "The Bridge Across Forever," a vaguely metaphysical lovestory. Later, Bach wrote a prequel/sequel called "One," describing a path not taken where the lovers never met. That sent an icicle through my heart much in the way this story does (despite that not being what happens in this remix; the mood remains the same). Oh, ow, the love, the. Just.

there was a war (that that don't kill me can only make me stronger mix), Doctor Who, TARDIS-pov. She really is bigger on the inside, and she's risked her life, again and again, to protect the Doctor and the ones he loves -- and the ones he hates.

Elsewhere, and in other news, I just purchased the hottest dress ever made. No, I am pretty confident that no one, anywhere, has a hotter dress than mine. I'm obviously going to use it to woo David Tennant. Once [ profile] projectjulie is here I bet there will even be pictures. OMG HOT DRESS DUDE SO SO HOT.

Read these remixes! And, what, NOBODY's got a guess on which ones I wrote? One of them is so abundantly obvious (to me!)...

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So I have a whole stack of fun things to talk about as far as remixing, [ profile] remixredux08, [ profile] remixthedrabble, and the awesome folks who came by the remixfreakingredux AIM chat for cheering, confusion, venting, puzzling through, betaing, and in general discussing the finer points of remixing as a sport. I'd check you all by name but since the remixes haven't been revealed yet I figure there's always the possibility of letting something confidential leak: though at the moment I can't think what that would be in this case.

But, anyway. I'm going to talk about these things later in April, when the Remix Redux remixes go up.

TODAY, I am going to point out that [ profile] remixthedrabble has gone live, and somehow I won the Awesome lottery and got 3 of my stories remixed.

FIRST, in M*A*S*H fandom, I got His Hands (Returning Remix), a remix of my drabble Hands, that took the snapshot I'd written and set it in heartbreaking context. Because there really is something special about BJ and Peg.

THEN, in my old Star Trek stomping grounds, I got Today Is Yesterday (Future Past Remix), which remixed my longish Kira/Dukat story Dislocation, Condemnation, Revelation, In Temptation into 100 perfect words. If you want to see the magic of drabble-remixing in top form, read these 100 words; they say it all.

And FINALLY, someone wrote Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix), which took my Doctor Who story Savile Row, a story mostly about a pocket, and brought the Whoverse mythology, time travel and Martha, and made it actually about something real. Nice remixing, person. Brilliant job.

I love this season, I do.


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